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Country Garden Phoenix Hotel Binhu City Chaohu

Country Garden Phoenix Hotel Binhu City Chaohu is located in Zhongmiao Town, the crown of Chaohu scenic spot, known as the 'cradle of Huaijun culture' and 'the first scenic spot in the lake'. The lakeside sightseeing Avenue runs through it, connecting Hefei City in the north and Chaohu City in the south, with convenient transportation. You can easily go to Chaohu City Center, Hefei lakeside wetland forest park, and walk to the famous Zhongmiao Town, Zhongmiao scenic spot pedestrian street, Laoshan Island (Mengshan Island), Zhongmiao ancient temple.
The guest rooms with 360 degree natural lake view and garden view are elegant and warm, with super grand view balcony and leisure tables and chairs. The room is large and spacious, and it is covered with thick carpet. Children can play in the room, or sit on the ground, or play hide and seek.
There are mature and complete business communities such as transportation center, commercial block, large supermarket, park, etc. with independent supporting property, as well as garden ecological parking lot with more than 700 parking spaces.
You can go to the outdoor swimming pool (the swimming pool is only open in July and August), chess and card room, billiards room, table tennis room for sports and leisure. You can also go to the sauna to relax. You can also enjoy personalized butler service.
Facing the window and waves, the beautiful Chaohu Lake is within reach; Sleeping on the waves, the beautiful scenery of the lake and sky in the four seasons is a dream; Overlooking the fishing sails, looking closely at egrets, enjoying life and enjoying the top.

Breakfast price: CNY68($10.1) / person
Breakfast type: Buffet


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Country Garden Phoenix Hotel Binhu City Chaohu
Tel: +86-551-88618999
Add.: Zhongmiao ancient temple lakeside wetland forest park on Laoshan island around Zhongmiao town